Expedition Arctic Gurkha

Between May and August 2015 Captain Jon Armstrong and Corporal Arjun Limbu of The Royal Gurkha Rifles will set off on an epic 1500 mile circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic Circle.

Expedition Arctic Gurkha will take the pair around 100 days to complete, during which they will have to face extreme temperatures, unpredictable ice floes and even polar bears! They hope to break the world record of 104 days (set during the only previous attempt) and raise the profile of the Brigade during Gurkha 200.

Jon and Arjun are raising money for The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s Rural Water & Sanitation Programme in Nepal. The Trust undertakes around 80 developments each year, such as a recent project in Nangkholyang village in Taplejung – Arjun’s home district. The project provided 63 households and a primary school with direct access to clean running water, transforming the lives of the villagers who rely on subsistence farming for their livelihoods.